Extended Waking Meditation-Exercise 1

︎︎︎by Jose Hopkins

[Presented in PQ 2023]

Extended Waking Meditation. Exercise 1 is a guided self-performed performance in which we invite two people to challenge their bodily relationship with space, thus, how they explore it. Following a series of instructions that echo mindful meditation exercises language and rhythm, this performance guides two spectators to recognize how our bodies can “touch” and explore “space” through sight. Extended Waking Meditation. Exercise 1 is a series of self-performed exercises that question the distance between our bodies and the spaces that holds them.  

This piece was presented as part of the Dutch Pavillion “Rare Encounters” at the PQ 2023 in Prague.Prague Quadrienial (PQ) 2023

Concept and text: Jose Hopkins Brocq
Sound design: Julia Bejarano López
Voice: murf.ai